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Development of CPC Committee of School of Life Science and Engineering

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Developing Service-offering Grassroots Organizations—The School CPC Committee formulated Reward Regulations for Graduates’ Employment, in the hope of motivating teachers to offer instructions and assistance to students in employment. The Committee rendered its service to teaching and academic research, establishing of a leadership group for teaching and inspection. To maintain the School’s safety and stability, the secretary of the School CPC Committee arranged weekly safety check of laboratories and pushed and followed up the necessary safety improvement. The School was safe and stable throughout the year.

Highlighting Ideological and Political Education — The School CPC Committee members participated in activities of each department, branch and organization to know the dynamics of the teachers and students in time. The School rallied the members of its decision-making groups to study provisions and regulations relevant to probity and honesty, pushed them to abide by such regulations so as to provide clean administrative services. The School tightened its grip on teachers’ moral conduct. The principle that CPC leads and manages the publicity, ideology and mass media is in place in the School to promote the construction of the School’s ideological and cultural base. The School values the development of mass organizations and oversaw the regular election of the Labor Union and student organizations. The School cares much about retired teachers and organized meetings for them at intervals to listen to their advice about the School development. Moreover, effective efforts are ongoing to prompt the united front work, democratic management and the secrecy work strictly in accordance with the requirements of SWJTU.